The Official Bio:

Amy KnuppAmy Knupp lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons and five cats. She graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in French and journalism and feels lucky to use very little of either one in her writing career. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, buying books in excess, traveling, breaking up cat fights, watching college basketball and playing addictive computer games. She's a member of Novelists, Inc., Romance Writers of America, Mad City RWA, and Wisconsin Romance Writers.

The Less Dry Bio:

In my former, pre-kids life, I sold advertising for a couple of major metropolitan newspapers. When my first son was born, I was lucky enough to quit and stay home with him. When my second son made his appearance, I started giving creedence to the voices in my head and turned some of them into characters for my books.

I spend my days fighting off fierce kittens, ensuring my boys have all their necessities in their overburdened backpacks, plotting ways to get out of cooking dinner, and, oh yeah, making stuff up. Some would call the latter writing fiction.

In my spare time, I like to read, buy books, travel, watch college basketball and play addictive video games.

Amy By Numbers:

Books I’ve written as of this second:  14

Books I’ve sold:  12

Books on my to-be-read shelf:  400+ (this is only the print ones. I have a "stack" of ebooks on my Kindle app as well. Life is good!)

States I’ve lived in:  4 (geographic…not counting mental)

Children:  2 (boys)

Decibels of my children when they’re in the same room:  117

Inches of leaves currently on our deck in Madison, WI:  2

Number of cleaning fairies residing in our house: 0 (please send a couple...)

Average swear words per day:  14 (unless I'm on deadline. Then it goes up.)

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